OKT 2018

BI-MU / Milan

Metal cutting and metal forming machines, robot, automation, digital manufacturing, auxiliary technologies, enabling technologies

The new BI-MU presents: the digital era of machine tools
The Italian exhibition dedicated to the industry manufacturing metal cutting and metal forming machine tools, robots, automation, digital manufacturing, auxiliary and enabling technologies, is the only trade show in Italy with real international character, the first one that will open up to industrial connectivity, by presenting a special focus on IoT, big data, cyber security, cloud computing, augmented reality, system integrators, additive manufacturing, control and vision systems.
Promoted by UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, the Italian machine tools, robots and automation systems manufacturers’ association, and organised by EFIM-ENTE FIERE ITALIANE MACCHINE, 31.BI-MU proposes a new index of products, covering all solutions related to the “factory of the future” and with lots of new projects that will materialize within the exhibition area created to transform the trade show into a balanced mix of technological exhibition, themed areas, infotainment zones, convention areas, such as as BI-MUpiù, a special stage with a well-structured schedule of side events, special initiatives and themed areas where exhibitors have the possibility to present their novelties.

09-13 October 2018