mrt 2020

Childrens Book Fair / Bologna

The Children's Book Fair is an important event which showcases a chance to discover the latest market trends in the book industry, to meet the most important illustrators, fairy tale authors in the Book industry. There are Publishers, illustrators, graphic designers, literary agents, authors, translators, developers, licencors and licensees, packagers, printers, distributors, audio-book professionals, booksellers, brands, librarians and teachers contributing in one way or the other. The Children's Book Fair is a meeting point for the sector's top professionals involved in creating and publishing children's books. The fair itself is a marketplace for trading rights for publishing and translations.

30 maart - 2 april 2020
Bologna, Italië



Transport planning:
Per wegtransport: dinsdag 24 maart 2020
Per expres koerier: donderdag 26 maart 2020


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